Welcome to Online Registration for the 2019 PA Farm Show!
Prior to submitting your entries please visit the Farm Show Website at http://www.farmshow.pa.gov/exhibit/rules-regulations/Pages/default.aspx to ensure you understand all show rules and health requirements. As the exhibitor, it is your responsibility to review and follow the rules.
To begin making entires, click on step 1 "Register."  If you are a single exhibitor, type in your name and select "I am a new Exhibitor."  If you are a group (family, show string, etc.), please register as "Quick Group."  Complete the required information and select all classes the exhibitor wishes to enter.  After completing the process, please print a copy of the recipt for your records.  It is recommended you bring your reciept to the show.  ALL ENTIRES & FEES MUST BE PAID FOR PRIOR UPON SUBMISSION.
INCORRECT OR INCOMPLETE ENTRIES MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED TO THE SHOW.  For step-by-step instruction on how to CORRECTLY  register, please follow the links below:  
Individual Entry Instructions:
Group Entry Instructions:
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Farm Show Livestock Office at 717-787-2905 Monday-Friday between 8 am - 4pm.